Dane Wilcox for Congress

Dane Wilcox for Congress

Oregon's 3rd District

Fighting for what's right


Meet Dane Wilcox

Fighting for what's right

A mini biography so you know the person you are voting for.

Fight to Unite Initiative

A radical overhaul to help America

Changing the way America works by actually getting things done and including everyone.

Income Inequality

The fading of the middle class

Trickle down economics does not work. Republicans have been lying to Americans for decades.

Climate Change

Man-made or not, it's happening

Climate change is here, and the only thing going away is life as we know it.


Healthcare is a right

The USA is the only very highly developed country who doesn't ensure the health of its citizens and it's wearing us down

Technology and Data

You have the right to own your data

Our current body of legislators have no clue where to even start and it is getting out of hand.


We have an epidemic

Our system has led the way for the epidemic of homelessness. We need a new system.