Facebook is promoting lies if you have money

Tech giants know everything about you and are using your data unethically to make themselves more money. 

Recently they have promoted a philosophy that if you are involved in politics, and if you give them money, you can spread whatever message you like regardless of its veracity.  If you aren’t in politics then lying is not permissible, but as long as you are registered with the FEC there are no rules.

I will be running a series of ads to promote awareness about this terrible policy.  My first ad will be this:

Facebook uses child labor to power their servers

We need laws for all technology companies to ensure safe use of your data.  Recently, documents were leaked that show how Facebook leverages data including cutting off access from potential competition, or selling it excessively to companies that give them boatloads of money.  Facebook has incredible power over what people see, and they are abusing it.

I have been involved with technology all my life and have great understanding of its uses and implications.  We need to vote people into congress that can regulate technology companies effectively, or Facebook will choose our government for us.  They have already shown willingness and effort to accept foreign money and use their platform to influence elections, this needs to stop.

Help support my campaign and protect your data.