For years the Department of Defense has considered climate change the biggest threat to America.  More than 99% of scientists internationally agree that climate change is very real and that we must make efforts to address it.

Unfortunately, our current administration and far too many lawmakers think it is more important to maintain profits for fossil fuel and energy companies that contribute more than half of all emissions than it is to address the issues of our dying environment. They continue to roll back regulations to return our country to the glory days where our rivers caught fire and water was not potable. Fossil fuel companies have lied for decades about their environmental impact and we have rewarded them with tax breaks. We cannot subsidize their attack on our planet any longer.

The last several years have undeniably been the hottest ever recorded, with a recent heat wave in France being attributed to over 1,400 deaths.  As temperatures reach extremes it results in more violent weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. About 5,000 Americans have died as a result of just two hurricanes in addition to the billions of dollars in destruction.

China has taken the environmental high ground from America and is investing $500,000,000,000 into renewable energy. In America, Republicans are rolling back regulations and trying to promote increased coal burning. Not only does this hurt us in the short-term by poisoning our planet, but as the most innovative country in the world, we will lose the next economic battlefield in the future.

When the rest of the world installs the latest in solar, wind, and other next-generation green energy technologies, they will place their orders through China instead of us. America invented electricity, the light bulb, revolutionized cars, invented planes, discovered antibiotics, harnessed nuclear power, put a man on the moon, and created computers and the internet. Economically, it only makes sense for us to continue our tradition of creating the best technology on the planet. Even if we only tackle and implement green energy to maintain our dominant economy, it is the right thing to do.

I support the Green New Deal, Jay Inslee’s detailed plan on climate change, as well as other initiatives. I believe with these policies, combined with my Fight to Unite Initiative, we can not only save the planet, but maintain our position as the most influential and powerful country in the world.