If we are to solve the problems we face today and those our children will face tomorrow, we must band together beyond partisan lines.

We are facing natural mega-disasters and climate change, homelessness and poverty, job losses from automation, and the decline of small farms and rural investments. Instead of focusing on the issues that affect all Americans while, we create policies that bolster the immense wealth for the richest 1%.

The security of our nation requires that we build the infrastructure of tomorrow, today. In 1956 President Eisenhower used part of our defense budget to build 41,000 miles of freeway across the country in the name of national security. The Fight to Unite Initiative uses the same idea to invest in our country providing the important infrastructure, education, and jobs to ensure the security of Americans.

The Fight to Unite Initiative provides the framework to build a program where people can serve the United States while learning new skills to ensure that no matter your status in life, everyone will have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

This is the only plan from any candidate that addresses how we move from where we are now to solving the climate crisis or defeating homelessness.

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