As you may have noticed, everything I have written on this website is in first-person.

I created and customized this website on my own to maximize performance and security. I have learned about or worked with computers and technology for over 28 years. The landscape has changed dramatically, and how companies use your information is the wild west. There are little to no regulations, and companies hide intentions behind dozens of pages of legalese to prevent people from catching on. Even our own DMV sells your data for pennies.

While testifying, Congress asked Mark Zuckerberg, “How does Facebook make money?” His answer, “We sell ads,” was enough to end that line of questioning. Another Congressman asked the CEO of Google about his granddaughter’s iPhone and his security concerns, only for the CEO to respond, “Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”

The majority of Congress have no idea how computers work or the differences between them. Security concerns like “man in the middle” or “distributed denial of service attacks” are foreign to them. Every website you sign up for has password requirements that require uppercase and lowercase letters, a special character, 8-15 characters in length, and yet how many times have we heard about accounts getting hacked because that isn’t actually a secure method?

Equifax lost everyone’s personal information and Social Security numbers, and what was the penalty? They were required to give every victim $125, but legal loopholes allowed them to avoid payment in the end . They got off with a minor fine and get to keep doing business as usual. The CEO sold his stock in the company months before announcing the breach with no repercussions.

Facebook has given data away to companies who actively use psychological warfare to influence elections. When there is a data breach at Facebook they pay a small fine that happens to be less than the profits they made. They have no incentive to change their practices. Even if you do not use or have a Facebook account you are still tracked and they have an account for you.

We have members of Congress with no understanding of encryption and are demanding “back doors” in all phones and technology. This is an impossible task as a universal decryption key makes encryption useless. Those that don’t understand technology should not regulate it.

Telecom companies have given so much money to Congress that they are essentially unregulated. Despite taking a half-trillion in taxpayer money to ensure everyone in America has access to fast internet speeds, they have pocketed the money and the US ranks 9th in internet speeds.  Comcast and AT&T have actively been blocking competition to prevent other companies or municipalities from building faster internet services. Very few people use home phones anymore. Despite this, companies continue to try to sell “bundles” that include home phone lines. This is so they can continue taking tax dollars because the FTC regulates phones as a utility that every person must have access to. Even when they give you a lower price on your internet or cable bill by offering home phone service, they get extra money from the government for a service that costs them next to nothing. Internet companies have paid enough people in Congress to remove net neutrality requirements making it so they can block or slow traffic to any competition or websites they don’t like.

Currently, there are very few laws and regulations that technology companies have to follow. There is no such thing as data ownership, and you have no expectation of privacy. I want to make sure and pass laws that prevent the unlawful use of your data without your consent to ensure that we have a safe, secure future. I want to fight for net neutrality and internet regulation as a utility. With my Fight to Unite Initiative we can bring internet to rural areas to make sure every American has access to fast, reliable internet. Together, we can make sure everyone has access to information and control over their own.